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If you would like to leave feedback regarding your care at North Downs Hospital please follow the links below to submit your feedback:

Patient Feedback

  • Dear North Downs Hospital
    Please pass on my thanks to two doctors for their exceptional help and expertise. The theatre staff were outstanding, encouraging and helpful at the exactly the right time during unpleasant moments of my procedures, the nurses in the ward even the receptionist were perfect, not forgetting the lovely person who brought me my cup of tea and biscuits.This must be the best hospital in the country. Professional, well organised, well managed, polite, efficient, helpful and informative staff. 12/10. Please pass on my thanks to all concerned, Thank you NDH.  Mr Has Meghji
  • The care I received before and after my operation was outstanding. The operating theatre staff were just wonderful keeping calm and reassured and that is so important, and my after care was also so cheerful and helpful. Well done to all. Letitia Brindle
  • Last week I had a cataract operation . The staff were so delightful and couldn't have been more helpful . Both my surgeon and their team were exceptional . So pleased with the results . Also a really great cup it tea !!  Thank you all
  • I went in to have my gall bladder removed. I was admitted at 4.00pm. Operated on at 4.46 pm. Stayed in overnight and had the most excellent care from, in no order, the surgeon and anaesthetist, receptionist, the happy staff in the recovery area and all of the fantastic nursing staff who looked after me for the 18 hours I was in. Any nerves i may have had, soon disappeared. I think the excellent care helped me to walk my dogs 24 hours after discharge. Four days later now, I feel right as rain. Thank you to everyone at North Downs hospital.