Five facts to consider before you tuck into your burger
Thursday 25 August 2016

As we all make the most of this mini heatwave in the UK and fire up the BBQ’s, consider the following

1. Fat content – A small amount of fat is essential for a healthy, balanced diet, to help the body absorb vitamins. Burgers are high in saturated fat, too much of which can raise cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease, other health risks include obesity and risk of stroke. According to NHS UK the average man should have no more than 30g of saturated fat per day and women no more than 20g. The average burger has 5g of saturated fat!

2. Hundreds of cows – A single burger can contain beef from hundreds of different cattle; this increases the risk of contamination. The best advice is to purchase meat from a local farm shop and make your own.

3. Risks of salmonella and more – Rare or under cooked meat can contain bacteria. Ensure your burgers are well cooked; the middle of your burger gets less heat, which is needed to kill any bacteria.

4. Toppings – consider what toppings you are putting on your burger, cheese, bacon and creamy sauces all add to the calories and fat content maybe opt for replacements such as salsa and lettuce with grilled vegetables on the side.

5. The bun – many burger buns come packed with calories, averaging 236 calories in a normal white bread bun, consider swapping out for pitta bread or perhaps a “naked” burger (no bun).

The average burger with all the toppings can mount up to over 700 calories, by making just a few changes to the size of the burger, toppings and bun you can reduce this to around 400.

If you or a family member have concerns about high cholesterol, obesity or heart conditions you may wish to seek advice from one of our private GP's or Consultants. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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