Member of staff, Catherine Bradshaw, takes on half marathon challenge
Wednesday 28 June 2017

North Downs are proud to sponsor Catherine Bradshaw who is running the Caterham Rotary Half Marathon on 23 July 2017.  We asked Catherine to keep a training diary to share with you and below is how she is getting on!

“It appears I will be running a half marathon. Me.  The runner that said she'd never run over 10 kilometres.  Why? I wasn’t really sure!! I've been running for little over a year and I've overcome some setbacks and issues but I've always come back fighting.

 The death of my beloved mum really got me started seriously on the running band wagon.  One of the last conversations I had with her was when I told her I wanted to do something like my sister and maybe one day be able to do a parkrun which is 5k.

I mooched around my village attempting to run and when it became apparent that I wasn't getting anywhere fast, I joined a running group.  The Worth Way Runners turned out to be the most supportive, inspiring and fun bunch of people I could possibly meet and, before I knew it, I ran my first parkrun! It was slow, but I did it, my mum's memory spurring me on all the way. 

So that is where it all began. I've now done many parkruns and those same people have trained me up to do several 10k races including The Brighton 10k and the London Vitality 10k. Amazing times!!!

And so it was supposed to be that I'd not train any further than that.  Work and family life make things difficult. A marathon would be on my bucket list until they were older.  Then my running friends ran the Brighton marathon, closely followed by my amazing twin sister completing the London marathon.  Well, how could anything be more inspiring?!!!

Still, I'd leave it until the kids were older.  I was chatting to a rep at work that runs ultra-marathons and then it suddenly clicked.  What if I can't do it when I'm older? I'm no spring chicken! So that was it.  I took the bull by the horns and booked my first marathon for next year. And what better way to train than doing my first half marathon on my home turf? I booked the Caterham Half marathon and off I go! Running shoes on, housework out of the window and a pretty big goal to aim for!

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