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North Downs NHS Services 2021 - download here

North Downs Consultant Directory 2022 - download here

Education Events

Please find below the presentations we have from our Educational Events for you to download.

Jamie Willo - LGBTQ+ Awareness Training

Mr K J Drabu - Hips - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Dr S Narat - Haematology in Primary Care

Mr P Inaparthy - Common Spinal Conditions and their management

Miss Z Khan - Urinary Tract Infections

Dr Rizwan Rajak - Management of Osteoarthritis in Primary Care

Dr Sunita Gossain - Eczema and Psoriasis

Dr Dennis Chan - The Neurological Assessment - An Update

Dr Raad Makadsi - Rheumatology Presentation

Dr Chandra Prajapati - Diabetes

Dr Sree Kumar Kunnumpurath - Thoracic Pain Syndromes

Dr Rizwan Rajak - Update on the Management of Gout

Mr Ali Shafighian - Advances in Hand and Upper Limb Surgery

Mr Gary D Maytham - Primary Care Update on Vascular Disease

Mr Sumit Kar - Update on Menopause

Mr Kunasingam - Forefoot Pain - watch the session here

Mr Inaparthy - Spinal Conditions of the Foot - watch the session here

Dr Sandeep Cliff - Dermatology - Skin of Colour - watch the session here

Terrence Higgins Trust - HIV updated - watch the session here

Dr Chakrabarty - Gastroenterology update - watch the session here

Dr Julian Emmanuel - Acute Thyroid disease

Professor David Isenberg - Lupus - watch the session here

Dr Roshan Thawale - Management of Chronic Orofacial Pain - download here

Dr Julian Emmanuel - Medical Treatments for Obesity - download here

Mr Junaid Masood - Red Flag Symptoms in Urology - download here

Dr Kuven Moodley - Headaches; when to worry, who to treat - download here

Eoin Baldwin - Feet - Bunions, Warts and all - download here

Mr Amarjit Anand - Latest Innovations & Treatments for Low Back Pathology - download here

Dr Sandeep Cliff - Dermatology Update - download here


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