Foot and Ankle Surgery

We use our feet and ankles everyday, whether we are running, walking, standing or jumping, these complex movements are made possible by the flexible structure of 26 bones, 33 joints and 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments in our feet.

Pain in our feet or ankles can be very limiting on what we are able to do and can create great discomfort when doing the smallest of activities like walking.

Injury, wear and tear commonly causes problems in the foot and ankle area, however small things such as poorly fitting shoes can also create pain and discomfort.

Here at North Downs Hospital in Surrey, we treat many problems in the foot and ankle area and offer minimally invasive surgery. We can offer you specialist guidance on the most suitable treatment for your problem.

The range of foot and ankle surgeries we offer

Bunion (Hallux Valgus)

Bunions (Hallux Valgus) are a bone deformity in the big toe. If you have a bunion you will notice that your big toe begins to lean towards the second toe therefore creating a bony bump on the inside of the foot. This bump can be very painful and the skin around the area can be become very sore.

Wearing ill-fitted shoes can make bunions worse, however there is no exact cause of the problem.

Like with most orthopaedic problems, non-surgical treatments are often tried as the first stepping-stone, however prolonged or more severe cases may require surgery. An operation on the bunion aims to realign the big toe and reduce the lump on the side of the foot.

Claw / Hammer Toes

Wearing tight shoes can cause the muscles in your lesser toes (not your big one) to contract and therefore create deformities – this is called claw/hammer toes.

Claw and hammer toes leave you unable to straighten the smaller toes, this can be very painful and may require surgery.

Most cases can be treated with an X-ray to identify the severity of the deformities and minor surgery. This procedure involves relieving the trapped tissue and length of the tendon.

In some cases, the deformity may be more severe and will therefore require the surgeon to remove the cartilage in toe.

Read more about Claw and Hammer Toes

Arthritic Toes

Arthritis can affect joints anywhere in the body and osteoarthritis is the most common type. Toes are one the areas that can become affected by arthritis.

Arthritis can leave the affected toe feeling sore, achy and uncomfortable; and may therefore surgery may be required (all depending on severity). 

Should you need surgery, your surgeon will remove the damaged cartilage and will fix the joint in position with pins.y therefore surgery may be required (all depending on severity).

Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma can cause severe pain at the base of the toes and on the ball of the foot. This is due to fibrous tissues developing around the nerve in-between toes (usually between third and fourth toes).

At first stages of Morton’s Neuroma, you may feel just a tingling sensation, however this will often worsen overtime and will eventually leave you with cramp and sharp shooting pains. 

Surgery involves releasing the pressure by removing the thickened tissue around nerve – or even removing the nerve completely.

If you are experiencing any kind of pain in your feet or ankles, you can feel confident that our team of experienced surgeons will work to diagnose the problem and suggest/treat the best possible treatment to suit your individual needs.

Our Consultants

We are very proud to be working alongside some excellent orthopaedic consultants who are highly respected in their speciality and come highly recommended by previous patients.  All of our consultants go through regular validation to ensure that they work to the highest possible standards and remain up to date with current practice. 

Mr Eoin Baldwin

Mr Chougule

Mr Stephen Hewitt

Mr K Kunasingam

Mr M Lal


Please also see our podiatric surgery page as our specialist are able to offer many of the surgeries listed above.

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