Shoulder Surgery


Shoulder surgery is one of many orthopaedic treatments we offer at North Downs Hospital in Surrey.

Your shoulder joint is the most flexible joint in your entire body – it is made up of three bones, collarbone (clavicle), shoulder blade (scapula) and the upper-arm bone (humerus).

The major joint in the shoulder is the glenohumeral joint, a ball-and-socket joint that allows the arm to move up and out from the body and to rotate circularly. There are two other joints that make up the shoulder – Acromioclavicular (AC) and Sternoclavicular joints.

As the shoulder is a complex area of the body – with a combination bones, joints, ligaments and muscles – it can be prone to problems meaning shoulder surgery may be required.

Sometimes, the pain in your shoulder may be too severe and therefore may not respond to non-surgical treatments.  At North Downs Hospital, we offer several types of shoulder surgeries.

The range of shoulder surgeries we offer:

Shoulder Arthroscopy

In some cases, before a diagnosis can be made, your surgeon may need to do a minimally invasive surgery to examine the inside of the shoulder joint using a small light and camera connected to a thin metal tube (arthroscope).

The surgeon should be able to diagnose the problem and will also often be able to treat the problem during this procedure (e.g. tissue repair).

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Rotator Cuff Tear Surgery

If you are experiencing difficulty in placing your arm behind your back, or have any kind of pain in your shoulder (and into your arm), it may be that you have either strained or torn your rotator cuff.

The rotator cuff is made up of four muscles that work to assist and stabilise movement within the shoulder joint. Whether through injury, general aging or overuse, damage to the rotator cuff can be very painful and can leave you in discomfort, therefore surgery may be required.

Shoulder surgery takes around 45 minutes and is usually performed under general anaesthetic. A strained rotator cuff is often treated by keyhole surgery (arthroscopy), the surgeon will use instruments to both release tight tissue and remove thickened tissue.

Your surgeon may need to use open surgery for rotator cuffs with a large tear in order to repair the muscle/tissue and stabilise the shoulder.

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Total Shoulder Replacement

If you have damaged or worn away your shoulder joint – whether through arthritis or injury – a total shoulder replacement may be the most suitable treatment.

In your shoulder joint you have cartilage that acts as a protection to stop your bones rubbing together. This cartilage can be worn away by arthritis leaving you with a very sore and stiff shoulder joint.

There are a variety of shoulder replacement surgeries available, and all will be discussed in depth with your surgeon to determine your most suitable option.

Shoulder replacement is the procedure of removing and replacing the damaged ball (head of the humerus) with a metal ball to takes its place. The socket may also be removed and replaced during surgery. This procedure takes roughly an hour and a half.

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Injured and/or inflamed shoulder joints can be a great discomfort and can even limit you on movement and ability to complete simple day-to-day tasks. There is no need to endure this pain – here at North Downs hospital, we have a team of experienced surgeons who can offer advice and guidance on what treatment could help you.

Our Consultants

We are very proud to be working alongside some excellent orthopaedic consultants who are highly respected in their speciality and come highly recommended by previous patients.  All of our consultants go through regular validation to ensure that they work to the highest possible standards and remain up to date with current practice. 

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