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Varicose veins surgery with Ramsay Health Care

Ramsay Health Care offers the latest in varicose vein treatments for both medical and cosmetic reasons.

Varicose vein treatment for cosmetic reasons is rarely available on the NHS. Ramsay understands the distress that unsightly varicose veins can cause and we regularly treat patients with varicose veins for cosmetic reasons.

Our experienced surgeons offer convenient appointments to discuss your individual varicose vein treatment options with the choice of modern walk in walk out procedures including, VNUS Closure®, that benefit from minimal scarring and pain.

What is varicose veins surgery?

Varicose vein surgery treats varicose veins for medical or cosmetic reasons. Ramsay offers a range of treatment options to relieve pain or complications and, to improve the appearance of these enlarged blood vessels.

Varicose vein surgery involves closing off your problem varicose vein so that your blood re-routes through a healthier vein.

Your varicose vein treatment choice will depend on the type of varicose veins you have, why you are seeking treatment, your personal preferences and, your general health.

We will discuss with you the option that is best for you at your initial appointment with your consultant.

What causes varicose veins?

Varicose veins are very common. They are enlarged, sometimes lumpy and twisted veins, usually in your legs. They can be dark purple or blue and often unsightly.

Varicose veins are caused by the one-way valves in your veins, that help the upward flow of blood back to your heart, stopping working properly. Your blood then flows the wrong way and your veins swell and form varicose veins.

They can often run in families and women are more likely to develop them. Hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy and, menopause and when using birth control pills and HRT, ageing, long periods of standing, obesity, and leg injuries are related to the onset of varicose veins.

What does varicose veins surgery involve?

Your varicose vein surgery will depend on the type of surgery you choose. Varicose vein treatment options include:

• Sclerotherapy – a non-surgical option performed under local anaesthetic that is usually used for smaller veins. A special foam is injected into your varicose veins using a fine needle under ultrasound guidance and this causes them to scar and seal closed.  

• Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) – a minimally invasive technique performed under local or general anaesthetic. 

A thin tube is inserted into your vein through a small cut and laser energy is passed through to burn and close your varicose veins under image-guidance. Treatment takes up to an hour.

• Endovenous radiofrequency therapy (VNUS Closure) – a keyhole option that is usually performed under local anaesthetic on a walk-in walk out basis.

A catheter is inserted into your vein using ultrasound guidance. Radio energy is then gently delivered to heat and close your varicose veins.

The VNUS Closure® procedure generally takes around 30 to 40 minutes and is thought to result in minimal pain and bruising.

• Ligation and stripping surgery – traditional varicose vein surgery that involves making an incision in your groin and the back of your knee or ankle. Your vein is then tied off (ligated) and removed (stripped). This procedure is usually recommended if the other options aren’t suitable for you.

What are the benefits of varicose veins surgery?

Varicose vein surgery removes varicose veins that are unsightly or causing discomfort.

It allows you to feel better about your appearance so that you can wear what you want without worrying about your varicose veins being visible.

It can also eliminate the pain that varicose veins may cause and allow you to sleep better and may increase your mobility.

New therapies are effective in removing varicose veins, have few complications and minimal pain during recovery and, leave virtually no scars.

What is the cost of varicose veins surgery?

The cost of your varicose vein surgery will depend on the exact procedure you have. Following your consultation process, you will be advised of the guide package price.

We offer a number of finance options to pay for your surgery, including: All-inclusive Total Care where a single one-off payment at a pre-agreed price delivers direct access to all the treatment you need for complete reassurance, pay as you go and, medical finance loans.

Varicose veins surgery recovery and aftercare

Your recovery and aftercare following varicose veins surgery will depend on the exact procedure you have had. Your healthcare team will advise you of this before you go home.

Most patients go home on the same day. You will usually be given compression stockings and advised how long to wear them.

After varicose vein treatments we recommend that someone drives you home.

Sclerotherapy and endovenous patients can resume normal daily activities once home and drive again when comfortable.

If you’ve had Ligation and stripping surgery, you should be able to get back to most activities after three to four weeks, as long as your wounds have healed, although this will depend on your general health and the type of work you do. You should be able to drive again after around one week, when you can comfortably operate the pedals and control your car in all situations including an emergency stop.

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