Vascular Surgery

Vascular Surgery is the surgical specialty of diseases of the vascular system (arteries and veins). Here at North Downs Hospital in Surrey we specialise in a range of vascular surgeries in the treatment of varicose veins.

Varicose Veins are normally dark blue or purple in appearance – they occur when veins on the surface of the skin swell and enlarge. They develop when the valves within the veins stop functioning correctly. In a healthy vein blood flows towards the heart and is restricted from flowing backwards. However, when the vein becomes varicose the valves weaken and blood starts to flow backwards and pool in the vein. This causes the unsightly, swollen appearance of varicose veins.

At North Downs Hospital in Surrey we realise that not all varicose veins are an impact to your health but can cause discomfort and prove unsightly. We fully support patients who seek vascular surgery for cosmetic reasons and it can be noted that the NHS no longer provides treatment for varicose veins for cosmetic purposes.

Vascular Treatments available at North Downs Hospital

Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT or EVLA)

Endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) also known as Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) involves the use of a laser in order to break down the walls of the varicose veins. The body then readily absorbs the dead tissue and the varicose veins are eradicated.

Initially a medical professional will use an ultrasound in order to identify the varicose veins to be treated and local anaesthetic is used. The procedure usually lasts around 20-30 minutes for each leg.

EVLT is a fast and minimally invasive procedure which is scar free and has a faster recovery time then other methods of treatment.

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The sclerotherapy procedure involves the injecting of solution directly into the vein. The solution causes the blood to displace – which blanches the vein. It also prevents the re-entry of blood into the vein.

The standard solution used for the procedure is known as sodium tetradecyl sulphate (STD) varying concentrations of the solution are used dependent on the vein’s size.

At North Downs Hospital we also offer foam sclerotherapy where the solution injected is made into a foam. This is then injected into the veins and is used to treat larger varicose veins.

These procedures take place under ultrasound control.

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Varicose Vein Surgery

Surgery can be performed in order to relieve symptoms of varicose veins, in some instances the vein may be completely removed.  The veins affected are tied or divided in order to relieve the pressure from the veins nearest the skin. This prevents the varicose veins from increasing in size and prevents new varicose veins from forming.

This procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and lasts between 20 minutes to 2.5 hours.

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Our Vascular Surgery Consultants

We are very proud to be working alongside some excellent vascular consultants who are highly respected in their speciality and come highly recommended by previous patients.  All of our consultants go through regular validation to ensure that they work to the highest possible standards and remain up date with current practice.  

Mr G Maytham

At North Downs Hospital in Surrey we specialise in the non-surgical and surgical treatment of varicose veins. If a surgical solution isn’t right for you we can offer non-surgical solutions such as a long term plan involving the use of support stockings. We treat veins of all sizes and also commonly treat spider veins.

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